Does it matter who I see?

This could depend on the severity of the problem you have. If your general health is less than perfect it might be that your feet are at a higher risk of problems than you realise, in this case you would be well advised to seek a consultation with the most highly trained podiatrist possible. If your feet are affected by a general condition such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, blood circulation problems, conditions that have altered the way you walk such as strokes or MS or if you are on high risk medication such as Warfarin you should certainly demand a good level of general medical knowledge from a highly trained podiatrist. If you are in good health but simply can no longer reach your feet to care for yourself and only have minor needs such as nail cutting and some hard skin it might not be as critical.  You should feel confident that the Podiatrist you see, understands the problem you have and can offer you effective treatments.





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